Yelp's Revving Rocking Party at Klairmont Kollection Featuring Bob's Photobooth Bus

Bob's Photobooth Bus will be at this Yelp elite event this Thursday. See details at the link below. If you are a Yelp reviewer, even if not prolific, you might be able to check out this cool car collection and meet the WWII hero that owns it.

Here's the graphic set-up for the photo strips to remember the event. 

Klairmont Kollection Final photo strip 2 (2).jpg

I've toured the museum before with my family and we spent 3 hours there with not one, "I'm bored", from my two young sons. In addition, you have to see Larry Klairmont's mini-military museum from his WWII experiences and possibly meet him. Price is free but meeting a true war hero - PRICELESS.

Rev your engine for a fun night at Klairmont Kollection - Chicago's best-kept secret!

If you've ever wanted to see a Batmobile, R.Kelly's Phantom, a bunch of Woodies or a whole flock of classic cars, now's your chance! Klairmont Kollection just opened to the public and you'll get an exclusive look into this mind-blowing compilation of over 300 vehicles. 

Not only that, but Bob's Photobooth Bus will be on hand to take some memorable shots from the night! 

DATE: Thursday, August 24
FOOD AND DRINKS: Beer and Light Bites
SIZE OF THE EVENT: 200 people
COST: Free
OPEN TO: Elites* first, then everyone else! 
RSVP: Is now open. We'll let you know if you're in on August 19th.

** PLEASE NOTE: We tend to let more active members of the community attend over those who've taken a hiatus so if you haven't written a review in a while, now's your chance.

The Yelp Elite Squad is made up of the most active Chicago yelpers and are a key part of our local Yelp community. Simply put, they are über-consumers and trendsetters who adventure with purpose, love supporting local businesses, strive to uncover hidden gems and are vocal about what they love about this city. Think you're ready to become one? Nominate yourself at!


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