Where was my 1967 VW Bus “Spicoli” 50 years ago today? Woodstock?

If he was, I’m sure he didn’t remember. I was a sprite 6 years old then and “Spicoli” was only 2 ½ years old. There were approx. 400,000 people who attended but shortly after you could probably count 2 million people who claimed they were there but I can tell you, I was not.

While the Anniversary Concert got cancelled, you can transport yourself back to the 60’s by renting my hippie photobooth bus for any occasion. Get On The Bus and Rock On!

Woodstock was a music festival held August 15–18, 1969, which attracted an audience of more than 400,000. Billed as "an Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music", it was held at Max Yasgur's 600-acre dairy farm in Bethel, New York, 43 miles southwest of Woodstock

Could this be “Spicoli”?

Could this be “Spicoli”?

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Donation of our services for Lurie Children’s Hospital “Run for Gus” fundraising event -7/26/19

Donation of our services for Lurie Children’s Hospital “Run for Gus” fundraising event -7/26/19

Join the Race to Beat Pediatric Brain Tumors! Thursday, July 25, 2019

Happy 4th of July from Jeff & Jerry.

Thanks to those that sacrificed for our freedom.

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Woodstock 50th Anniversary Music Festival Cancelled! Say it isn’t so…

SO! - BUT NOT in Chicagoland! We have your Woodstock party bus ready to go.

Can you spot the VW Bus that was not at Woodstock?

Can you spot the VW Bus that was not at Woodstock?

See below story from Rolling Stone. So…you don’t have to cancel your own Woodstock 50th Anniversary Celebration since “Spicoli” our iconic 1967 VW Bus is available for use as a photo booth at your Woodstock party or any other party. Call to book us now as dates are filling up fast.

Invite 400,000 of your best friends.

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Woodstock 50 – scheduled to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the legendary music festival – has been canceled.

Although the all-star lineup – featuring Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus, Dead & Company, the Raconteurs and dozens more, including acts from the original Woodstock fest were booked to play the Watkins Glen, New York festival on August 16th through 18th, exactly 50 years after the original festival the investors have now back out of the festival. There is ensuing controversy between the promoters and investors as the promoter continue to try and resurrect the event and deny it being cancelled.

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The Kentucky Derby only has 19 horses running. That ain’t nothin!

My photobooth bus, Spicoli, has 54 horses running. It will blow them away. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow but don’t worry, Spicoli loves the slop. It's in his bloodlines. His father was a mudda', his mother was a mudda'.

So place your bet on Spicoli to be a winner at your next event.

Fun Facts for Gearheads, History Buffs & The Inquisitive:

  • Volkswagen 1500 engine (Single Port)

  • Production: 1961–1971

  • Displacement: 1,493 cc (91.1 cu in)

  • Power (Or lack of): 1500S: 40 kW (54 horsepower)

Type 2 T1:
The Volkswagen Type 2 T1 was the first generation of the split window bus. It is commonly known as the "Splittie." Production began in March, 1950 & lasted until 1967. 

  • Imported to U.S.: 29,049 (1967)

  • Price Range New in “67”: $2,300 - $2,700

  • Electrical system changed to 12 volts

  • 10.6 Gal. gas tank/28 MPG. ($0.28/gal.in 1967)

  • 14’ long, 5’-7” wide & 80” high.

  • Weight; 2,282 lbs. (Before camper conversion)

  • Payload; 1,830 lbs.

Body style: Started as panel vans. 1967 was the last year of production for this iconic design and replaced with an uninspiring bay window design.

Life in the right lane.

Life in the right lane.

VW Bus Movie Sighting - Do you know what movie?

Can you guess what movie this VW Bus made a celebrity appearance in?

VW Bus Movie appearance.jpg
VW Bus Movie appearance,From Russia with Love 4.jpg
VW Bus Movie appearance,From Russia with Love 3.jpg

What's cooler than cool?

The Volkswagen Bus’ long, strange trip from hippie van to hot collectible


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