Bob’s Photobooth Bus brings smiles to faces, starts conversations, and is fun for people of all ages. He is a great attention getter and remarkably entertaining.

Here is what we do when you hire Spicoli to be the life of the party.

  • We drive our 1967 VW Bus to your venue and stage it outside at your requested location. Depending on the venue access and permissions we can stage the bus inside. It’s not a large bus so you might be surprised as to the places it can get into.
  • We open up the bus side doors, pop the awning, lay out the (red) carpet, set up our accessories, and let the fun begin.
  • Our Photobooth features a do it yourself, retro photo box utilizing a high-quality digital camera, professional lighting, IPad screen for the perfect selfie pose and high-end dye sublimation printer which quickly dispenses top quality 2" x 6" photo strips for you to take with you. We utilize state of the art photobooth software technology so you can easily share your photos on social media.
  • We bring a busload full of fun props. Want a unique theme for your event? We will tailor the props accordingly.
  • We offer a selection of a few vintage backgrounds. Want something specific to match your event?  We will customize the background with a theme or brand. You name it; we will make it happen. We are a can-do company. 
  • It’s as easy as pushing the start button, posing for the camera and then within seconds grabbing your two, 2” x 6” classic photo strips dispensed from the photo box. Want more? Jump back in line, photos are unlimited.

Go ahead and chill out, we got this.

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